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2019 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen | Mariah Sherer

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

I am Mariah Sherer, and I love science. From my youngest days I’ve had a certain gift for discovery. In pictures from the family photo album I’m always showing something to the camera –an ant, a spider, a chicken. Science fascinates me. This spring I graduated magna cum laude from The Ohio State University with a double major in chemistry and life sciences. Currently I am attending Kent State University for a Master of Arts in teaching. When I had the opportunity to work in classroom and tutorial settings, I discovered it was even better to be able to teach it.

As a future teacher, there’s nothing like seeing that wonderful “Aha!” moment of understanding in the eyes of another person. Becoming a high school science teacher combines my love of science and education. Several summers ago, I took a herpetology course through Stone Lab on Lake Erie. This class involved population research with the Lake Erie water snakes. It was such a great experience for me and connected me to science as a student, I want to pass this connection and passion for conservancy to my future students.

This year I returned as the 2019 Tri-State Quarter Horse Association Queen. I am the Youth Advisor as well as a member of the Board of the Tri-State Quarter Horse Association. It’s exciting to encourage youth and further the industry through their involvement. During my time as Queen, I have built priceless relationships between people I have met while volunteering at Quarter Horse shows and encouraging younger riders to move forward with dreams to show in the Quarter Horse circuit. One of the experiences that stands out was attending the Level I East Championships for the second year. The enthusiasm for the American Quarter Horse is energizing and demonstrates the commitment to the breed and our industry.

My family has been incredibly supportive of my love of horses, as they have been involved themselves. My grandparents raised and bred horses and at eighty years old, both still trail ride. My aunt has been barrel racing American Quarter Horses my whole life, and loaned me my first American Quarter Horse. My dad had an American Quarter Horse when he was growing up. In fact, one of my earliest memories is being led around on the back of a horse. I continued to progress though many skill levels, first leasing, then owning, then breeding the last mare I rode at Congress. My parents are finally convinced this isn’t “just a phase.”

The American Quarter Horse has played such a major role in my development as an individual. Even when things were overwhelming with school or personal matters I could always walk into the barn and realize what really mattered was working with my horse. Representing the industry at different events volunteering my time, is energizing from the amount of joy it brings me. The love that I have for horses and encouraging that same love in others is what drove me through the hard work of becoming Congress Queen. As the 2019 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen, you will be ensured to have a dedicated role model that will help encourage passion, commitment and love of the American Quarter Horse.

With passion,

Mariah Sherer

2019 All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen


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