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Victoria Devore | 2019 Ohio State Buckskin Association Queen

Victoria Devore is the 2019 Ohio State Buckskin Association Queen. Because of her great passion for horses, she began riding before she could walk. Victoria’s lengthy show career began with showing horses in lead line when she was just five years old. She then began to participate in 4-H exhibiting horses, hogs, sewing, and eventually cattle. Currently she has two Buckskin horses named A Double Dip of Zip (Bucky) and Only On The Rox (Belle). Victoria and Bucky have been a team since 2010 and they have traveled many miles showing together. They traveled anywhere they could, including the County Fair, Open Shows, Buckskin Shows, the Ohio State Fair, All American Quarter Horse Congress, IBHA World Show and Buckskin Congress. This will be Victoria’s fourth year being a member of IBHA and third year of Ohio State Buckskin Association. Victoria is very thankful that God placed Bucky into her life; she would not be the rider she is today without him and she is forever blessed. Belle recently joined the team when Victoria bought her as a yearling in 2018 and hopes to break her out this year as a two-year-old. So far, she has been shown in the lunge line classes during this past year and they were very successful. As the Ohio Buckskin Queen, Victoria plans to promote her state organization through attending different events to let the public know what the Ohio State Buckskin Association has to offer them and promoting the organization through social media. She has a vision to help the organization grow in all age divisions by showing everyone how welcoming and fun Ohio State Buckskin Association is.


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